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Sieg & Mouzakis - Body Takes Control

Fritz Sieg and Roger Mouzakis are the latest additions to the Plastic Fantastic family of artists, hailing from Boston. They have worked together on many projects before with support for various tracks coming from djs such as Danny Tenaglia to Tom Stephan. 'Body Takes Control' is their first release on Plastica, and calls upon the vocals of Kriste Lee. Let's see what the fuss is about.

The 'eS & eM Main Dryve Mix' is based around a trippy groove and a spacial percussion line. Not particularly fresh in terms of ideas, but the spoken vocal helps to give it an extra dimension. The groove doesn't really change much in all honesty, and as such this track has limited appeal, but for fans of the minimal percussive style, this will float your boat without a doubt.

The gem of the package is the 'Tripped @ Space Dub' which puts it's foot to the floor, picking up the pace with some nice layered synth delay complimenting the deep percussive groove with surprising results. Again, the track isn't going to jump out at you, but it has some appeal that you will find useful at least a few times.

Probably not the most accesible or exciting release from Plastica, but one that will no doubt find it's own following. Use your own judgement on this one.

Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House, Deep House
Credits: Vocals [Featuring] - Kriste Lee

24 Mar 2003

12" [DPFT023]
A Body Takes Control
(eS & eM's Main Dryve)
B Body Takes Control (Tripped @ Space Dub)
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A Body Takes Control
(eS & eM's Main Dryve)
B Body Takes Control (Tripped @ Space Dub)