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Moshic & Zidan - 10@ze

Moshik Shlomi and Shlomi Zidan's previous singles '2 Loose La Track' and 'Nighstalker' have enjoyed plays from everyone who matters, from Danny Howells to John Digweed, to Sasha and Hernan Cattaneo, and having taken their DJing to the next level in recent months, they now find time to unleash their third single, 10@ze, upon us.

The Original Mix starts off with a dark mmm, as soft synths roll in the background, and effects rise from the darkness of the bassline, as the vocal says "Some", introducing snare rolls that dramatically grow louder over the bassline.

The main vocal "Give Me Some (the English translation of 10@ze) is then introduced, stopping the beat in its tracks before continuing right on, twisting and turning its way into the darkness, the sounds becoming more sinister as rising percussion heralds another vocal stab, that stops everything in its tracks, the groove fades down to nothing for a few seconds, and the beat returns, darker, faster and harder in a way that will hit you hard. To use the words of Hugh from Plastic Fantastic, it’s darkly delicious.

The Remix on the other hand is on a more progressive tip, with a more upbeat pace that moves along until it reaches the break, and then the track increases in velocity, tricking you into thinking its going to fade out, but instead just heads off into deeper and darker places, sounding like a runaway train on its way to hell, only to put on the breaks in the last fading seconds as the journey ends.

Twenty releases on, and Plastica celebrate in fine style with this duo who are currently making waves on the world stage with recent DJ gigs in London and the US, and have remixes and productions also forthcoming on Platipus (the new Art Of Trance single, Love Washes Over) and Bedrock (Moshic's solo release Me, Myself and Life), the year 2002 appears to hold great things for both Moshic and Zidan, in addition to Plastica, and they both look set to 'give us some'great material in the coming months.

Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House, Progressive Trance


12" [DPFT020]
A 10@ze (Original Mix)
B 10@ze (Remix)
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A 10@ze (Original Mix)
B 10@ze (Remix)